Becoming responsible

Praying for better days is like praying in a desert for rain you must find strength and create your own oasis.


Growing celery from an old stalk.

While roaming the internet on a rainy Florida day I came across an interesting gardening technique. It involved growing a new plant from old scraps in your kitchen. I decided to start with something easy so I chose celery. I used the old stalk and put it in a container with clean water and put it outside. Within in just two days my stump began to grow! Its pretty exciting to see it growing so quickly only time will tell how big these future stalks will grow and I’m excited to see the end result.   IMG_0454

How meditation helped me kick my smoking habit

I used to have a heavy smoking addiction for 6 years. Sometimes I wouldn’t even want to smoke but did it out of habit, boredom, to deal with stress and the list goes on. One day while scrolling through Facebook trying to look productive at work I came across a link that explained the myriad of benefits of meditation. I was pretty intrigued and decided to go in to this practice with an open mind. I started each day by meditating for at least 5 minutes or whenever I felt completely calm. As I became more adept at clearing my mind and sitting in silence I started to notice my cravings for not just smoking but a few other of my bad habits receding. Smoking began to feel like more of a hinderance than a way of escaping the reality of my situation. The most exciting thing about this whole experiment was how quickly I lost my need to smoke. Within the first week my cravings began to subside and by the third week I had no desire to smoke. Now I won’t say this method will work for everybody I can only speak for myself and my experience with meditation so far. It’s been two months and I have not smoked at all, now I won’t say I don’t get some cravings to just light up, turn my stereo up on full blast and just zone out but I do notice that when that feeling arises I am much more able to control myself and say no until the feeling goes away. If you just can’t seem to stop smoking and have tried other methods maybe you should try meditating along with a ton of other benefits it may just help you kick a bad habit or two.

Growing carnivorous plants


Im so excited to finally get my hands on a couple of venus fly trap plants. I thought I would have to go on the internet to find them but all it really took was a stroll around my local farmers market. They look pretty healthy and I’m new to the world of carnivorous plants so this will be a good learning experience for me, let’s see just how good my green thumb is. I will keep posting about the progress of these plants and hopefully they’re able to flower and grow seeds so I can have a bunch of them in my yard.